About Us

We were inspired to research, design & create our ClearBrights Microfiber cloths in 2013, because we found that most of the microfiber cloths for eyeglasses, camera lenses, cell phones & touch screens, that we were able to find online, were poor quality or too small.

Many of them were too rough (& therefore had a tendency to scratch delicate lenses), or they left lint (hopeless for camera lenses), or they were part polymide which is much less effective at removing oily marks, (the main problem for lenses & touch screens) than pure polyester microfiber is.

We are techies – we love our gadgets! But we found ourselves asking what was the point of getting the latest, cool phone or iPad, etc if it looked awful & old within a couple of weeks. A couple of us are highly creative, being into photography & video design, so we really needed to have some cloths that would do a great job of keeping our lenses clean, without damaging them!

Also, we are passionate about being as environmentally green, as we can be. Microfiber cloths, make a great deal of sense from this perspective, as they:

  1. are easily reusable & will last for ages;
  2. clean really efficiently without the use of toxic chemicals;
  3. are not made from cotton, which normally requires the use of a lot of environmentally damaging pesticides whilst it is being grown.

When we couldn’t find microfiber cloths of the quality that we needed, we decided to focus our desire, creativity & passion, in the direction of the research & design of the best quality & most efficient lens cleaning microfiber technology, that was available. The result is the ClearBrights Microfiber cloths, which we are really proud of & also really grateful to be able to use on a daily basis.

We hope that you will Love them as much as we do.

The Imaginal Inspirations Team


Charitable Commitment

10% of  all of our profits are donated to the Pachamama Alliance to help protect the Amazon rainforest & support the indigenous tribes.