Deluxe Lens & Screen Cloths

So why are ClearBrights microfiber cloths so great?

  • They are safe & effective – do not smear, scratch or leave lint. They were specifically designed to be perfect for using with delicate lenses such as camera lenses & optical lenses.
  • They removes smears, smudges, fingerprints, dust & dirt, without the need for chemicals or water (sometimes having the cloth slightly damp can be helpful but this must be done with care, when cleaning electrical equipment).
  • They help you to take better pictures with a cleaner camera lens, whilst caring for the lens too.
  • They allow you to have a better viewing experience with any screen that you are using.
  • They keep your iPad, tablet, touch screen or phone looking new.
  • Because you get 6 in a pack, they can be used with different items that you own or can be given to friends & family as gifts.
  • They are long lasting (with a 1 year guarantee).
  • And there is an environmental benefit – they are designed for repeated use rather than being discarded after being used. Also they do not require the use of cleaning chemicals (which are often toxic & potentially polluting) to be able to effectively clean. No pesticides are used for producing synthetic fibres (in comparison to cotton).

How are ClearBrights sold?

ClearBrights are presently sold in packs of 6 individually wrapped cloths. These are a really decent & useful size 7.87 x 7.87 inches (20 x 20 cm) but fold up very small. Our cloths are light grey & have an ultra soft, plush feel. They are non abrasive.

Our premium quality cloths can be used 100+ times & they come with a 1 year guarantee, because we know that they are the best that are available.

If you would like your own ClearBrights microfiber cloths,  please click here: ClearBrights 6 packs on

We have specifically designed these microfiber cloths for cleaning lenses & screens. They are made with 100% pure Deluxe Polyester Microfiber. This is especially lipophilic which means that it attracts oils, which makes it perfect for the purpose of removing smudges, smears & dirt from touch screens, phone screens, lenses, etc, which are very prone to becoming covered with finger prints & the like.
This microfiber is safe to use on all delicate surfaces & will not scratch or harm the surface in any way.

ClearBrights Microfiber Cloths perfect for lenses   ClearBrights Microfiber Cloths perfect for phones  ClearBrights Microfiber Cloths for iPads