How to clean & use microfiber cloth

How to Clean our Microfiber Cloths

Normal cleaning cloths move or push dirt and dust from one place to another, whereas microfiber actually lifts and stores the dirt particles in the cloth, until it is washed. It is important that the microfiber cloth is properly cleaned and thoroughly dried after usage. So if you have ever wondered “how to clean microfiber cloth”, then this information is for you, because the prescribed washing and drying of microfiber products must be followed to ensure their long life and cleaning efficiency

  • Hand wash only in warm mild soapy water (no bleach or fabric softener – which will clog up the microfibers, making the cloth ineffective).
  • Wash separately with non-linting materials e.g. synthetic fibers (do not wash with cotton).
  •  Air dry only. Do not dry in dryers or high heat.
  • Wash regularly (especially if you have cleaned any very dirty surfaces, as the cloth may then have particles attached to it that may scratch).

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How to use our microfiber lens & screen cloths

Our premium cloths are 7.87 x 7.87 inches (20x20cm), so you may want to fold them into fourths. This will give you 8 cleaning surfaces on one cloth. It is recommended to keep your cloth in the bag that it came in or in the PVC pouch that came with your set of cloths, to keep it clean whilst not using it.

You are most likely to use your cloths dry but it is also possible to use them slightly damp. If doing so, it’s best to get it wet and then wring it out, as much as you can before using it. Wet – wring – wipe! Take care when using in this way on electrical products – it should only be very slightly damp.

Because microfiber cloth is naturally very powerful at removing dirt & grease, it is not necessary to use any cleaning chemicals at all.

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